How to start?

The website was created in such a way to make it easier for customers to browse through the site without any difficulty. The website is user-friendly and quite easy to understand. Nevertheless, everybody don’t have the same level of understanding. So, if you still need help with carrying out any of the actions as it relates to account opening, deposits, requesting withdrawals and more, this guide should be able to assist you.

1. Opening your account

To open your free account with us, simply click on the “Register” link on the top right and you’re good to go. Once you click on that, the registration form will appears with blank spaces simply fill your personal information such as full name, desired username and password, payment accounts, and your email address.

2. Exploring your account

To start, go straight the login fields at the top of website and enter your chosen username and password to access your personal account. Feel free to look around. This is where all your account details are contained and only you can access these details, so keep your password safe. Everything you need to do as regards to your account such as deposits, withdrawals, etc. can be done from this place.

4. Have fun while your investment grows

Once you’re done making your deposits, there is nothing again to do, except have fun watching your investment grow. You don’t have anything to worry about, as your daily profit will be added to your account every day. Your principal is never tied down you can withdraw it back anytime seven days a week .

3. Making your first investment

To make a deposit, go to the deposit section of your personal account and deposit using BitCoin. We offer three investment plans, all with daily profits that can be anywhere from 3,12% to 4,32%. As long as you have an active deposit in your account, you’ll continue receiving daily profits. However, your earning stops once you withdraw back your initial principal. 0.01BTC is the minimum deposit.

5. Withdrawals

Requesting for withdrawals doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and getting paid doesn’t take more a few minutes. All your profit are made available to your BitCoin address in real time as soon as you request for them. You don’t have to wait endlessly to receive your earnings you get paid as soon as you put in a withdrawal request. Minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC.

6. Affiliate program

You will be rewarded for anybody you refer to our investment platform. You will be rewarded with a unique level of 5% for any affiliates Once they join and make a deposit, you get rewarded. Active deposit is not required for affiliates to earn.

If you’re prepared to take the next step towards Bitcoin investment journey, then sign up now!

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